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Anti Cellulite Slimming Machine

Anti Cellulite Slimming Machine

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The anti-cellulite slimming machine targets cellulite reduction and fat breakdown through specialized massage and skin stimulation, potentially promoting slimming and improved skin texture within a 21-days.

How to use

1.Start by applying drops of anti-cellulite oil to the areas you wish to treat: thighs, buttocks, stomach and/or arms. The oil amplifies the slimming actions of the device, and prepares the skin to receive the massage.
2. Turn on the device by turning the dial and choose the intensity level.
3. Perform a massage on the desired areas, for 5 minutes per area. Choose and change the massage heads according to the area or your need.
4. 21 Your session should last a total of 15 minutes. To get the best result, do a massage every day for 21 days.


Always unplug the device after use.
Children should not play with the device.
Maintenance of the device: Maintenance must always be carried out with the device turned off and unplugged. Above all, do not place the device in contact with water or any other liquid.
Clean the device with a dry, soft cloth.


Do not use on the stomach 1 hour before or After a meal.

Do not use on skin problems (allergies, wounds, burns, recent stretch marks, etc.).

Do not use in case of venous or circulatory problems, high blood pressure, or while taking anticoagulant treatment.

Do not use on the face or on the mammary glands or mucous membranes.

Not recommended for pregnant women or breastfeeding.

Results may vary from person to person

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